Meaning of name Juan: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Meaning of name Juan: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Do you want to name Juan for your baby? You should know that it is a success, since when you know what the personality of the men who wear it is, you will decide, being above all kind and responsible people. If you want to continue knowing what Juan means, read on and learn all about the name of your future baby.

Origin of the name Juan

The origin of this name has as main precursor the bible, since many of its best-known characters come from this religious book. The etymological term from which it comes is that of Yohannan and translated wants to refer to the man who is faithful to God . It has a heavy load when we see it in historical figures like John the Baptist, who gave his life for Jesus Christ. Although formerly this name was extended, it was not until later, in the Middle Ages when it had its peak and more and more people are putting their children this name, having reached the whole world.

What does Juan mean?

The meaning of John is going to be that of “The man who is faithful to God” and has the burden of being a responsible person, who will give everything possible for the people he wants.

Personality of the name Juan

When we meet a Juan, the first thing that catches our attention is that they seem very serious people, however, what happens is that they are very simple and calm, avoiding at all times that circumstances alter or cause headaches . For this reason, they will try never to get into trouble, and if possible, they will face any problem, although if when facing someone they think they have committed an injustice, they will not stop until they are blamed.They are very kind, but they have a distant heart , having to approach them before to dialogue and make life, but once you have earned their heart and their trust, everything is joy, laughter and a very good atmosphere reigns.

Meaning of name Juan 2020
Meaning of name Juan 2020: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Men who have the name of Juan like to work first and foremost in professions that are going to develop their broad creativity, such as writers or teachers, giving very good work both very easy and mechanical, as well as those that are more technical or complex, although you must give it some time to do it with all the necessary tools, its start can be quiet, leisurely, but when you know your surroundings, you will give everything for your work.When he is among a social group , Juan will be very reserved, he does not like to stand out too much, studying people first, but after this he becomes the life of the party and is very dear to all his friends for being like it is. He is usually a very loyal person, and does not like the least to be betrayed, so it may be the case that if someone very close has left him badly, he will not be well until long.

Within the family environment he likes to be with them , but making a little difference, trying to help them in everything, but if he can escape and do something that he really likes, he will. When there are family moments in which many loved ones come together, it is of those people who are in the background, but they are getting all the information.When Juan falls in love, he will need to be constantly with his partner .

She has that need to cover all her love with her, being able in some cases to make her feel uncomfortable with so many compliments and good treatment. The important thing about this is that when you have a partner, try by all means to be the most important person in your life, taking that relationship seriously. His main problem is that all this leads him to be jealous and sometimes extremely protective.


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