Meaning of José: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Meaning of José: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

It is precious to give a son the name of Joseph. A name with a lot of history, that has a very strong personality and that will give everything for its family and loved ones. If you are thinking that your baby bears this name, we will tell you what is the meaning of Joseph and also discover features of his character.

Origin of the name José

The name of Joseph is well known throughout the world, thanks, above all, to his appearance in the biblical scriptures. The etymology of Joseph has a Hebrew origin, with two main terms for its description, being Joseph the first, which means something similar to “Yavhe has decided to erase”, while the second, and whose more acceptance within the origin of this name is that of Yosephus, which can be referred to as “When Yavhe adds.” The latter has a clear reference to a biblical passage in which Rachel, a character who appeared in Genesis, when he has his son whom Joseph calls, saying the words later “may Yahweh add another child”.This may be the clear origin of this name, although its extension is more important thanks to the New Testament, being the husband of the mother of Jesus Christ.

What does José mean?

As you read in the origin of the name, the meaning of Joseph is going to be “add” or “the one God added.” It may seem that it does not have a very strong meaning or that it can be explained a lot, but really it does, since it means that God himself has placed it on the earth with conscience and therefore will have a solidary and very noble personality.

Personality of the name José

José’s personality is very calm, they are people who will always be better in the background, than taking the main role of a situation. This is also done because they are very humble and do not want to take the glory of an action at any time. They are men who have this name are usually routine people, who do not like the change in excess, enjoying if they go to the same place every weekend or if they travel to the same city. And as you can see later on love issues, exactly the same thing happens.

He is a generous person , he is going to give everyone a smile, people have a very good opinion of him, like a close man and with whom he is pleased to be. José is very optimistic and that feeling will be transmitted on all four sides in his personality.For José, his main pillar in his life is family. With them he feels happy, very close and overprotects them. For him, his parents are an example to follow, admiring everything they do, but tend to have more fixation for the father figure, loving him like no one in the world.

Meaning of José
Meaning of José: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

At work, the men named José are hardworking people , they don’t like giving up and want to give up everything they can, even if they don’t like their job. They are very creative and that is why it is preferable that they do work that should develop their imagination and creativity, although they adapt very well to any work.One of his main problems is that he trusts people too much, something that can give him many problems, since he, being very generous, many false friends will want to take advantage of this generosity to betray him when they can, being able to do it several times until José gets tired and vetoes his friendship.

When we talk about love in Joseph, he is someone who is going to give his whole heart and soul to the other person. Many times this can be an inconvenience, because it is capable of giving everything from the first minute, which causes the woman who is the center of their eyes, can be scared and leaving it aside. However, the woman who appreciates this love and affection will have it throughout her life.


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