Meaning of Jorge: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Meaning of Jorge: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Have you thought about Jorge’s name for your baby? I must tell you that it is a fantastic choice, since people with that name have a very charismatic personality, very hardworking and intelligent. If you want to know the meaning of the name Jorge, we tell you below so you don’t lose details.

Origin of the name Jorge

Although Jorge’s name became very important in the Middle Ages, especially because of the fame that the famous Saint George had, approximately in the eleventh century, its origin goes back etymologically to ancient Greece, in which the term Georgos was used , a union of two words, “geo” and “ergon”. The first term relates to the land, while the second refers to all those who work, having as a union the person who works the land, or what is the same, a farmer.In the Greece of that time it was used, but according to researchers, the boom of this name emerged after the crusades, reaching all corners of the world, with Jorge being a widely used name especially in Catalonia.

What does Jorge mean

Therefore, the meaning of the name Jorge is going to be linked to the work of farming the land, naming the man who works with crops or orchards, highlighting above all his working and humble personality.

Personality of the name Jorge

Meaning of Jorge 2020
Meaning of Jorge 2020: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

When we have a man with the name of Jorge in front of us, the first thing he will call us is his joy in speaking to us, his sympathy and closeness, however, we will also notice that everything he tells us is clear, direct , bluntly , so they are considered frank people, although they know how to be sensitive to each other so as not to hurt them, although they are not satisfied until they say what they really think. They have a personality that makes them be people with an impressive firmness, seeking security in everything they do, arriving, when they manage to set a goal, act decisively to achieve it, regardless.Although it may seem that this firmness in his personality is going to be a very serious and distant person, it is quite the opposite, being very kind to everyone, affectionate even more unable, but above all with those he really wants, since with the Rest simply saves the distances since they don’t know how they really are.

When he wants something he will fight for it with nails and teeth, however, when something does not matter or does not seem important, he has a conformist attitude , something that can be identified as passive or carefree, but simply prefers to devote his time to issues that seem more important.The people who carry Jorge’s name are great workers , being able to adapt to any job with great ease, although this can be a problem, since once they find this profession that sustains them, they stop looking for something that can motivate them more, or Nor will they want to move up in that job, staying stuck, although happy. They will only strive to satiety is when they really find a job that inspires and motivates them, making the most difficult job may seem easy, delivering everything and more.

Jorge’s friendships are abundant, getting around many people , although he has to be careful that these people do not approach him for interest, since he usually dedicates much more time to these people than himself, liking to be surrounded and feel other people’s love for him.Jorge in the family is a person who likes to be pampered and taking care of his relatives will be a task that he performs with pleasure. Sometimes these cares become overprotective, defending their parents or siblings by layer and sword, being especially happy when family gatherings are held.


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