Meaning of David: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Meaning of David: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Nowadays, weird names are becoming a lot of fashion, but many parents are still betting on traditional names like David’s. This simple and beautiful name will allow your child to have a simple name to pronounce and remember. If you want your child to be known easily, do not hesitate, this is the name you should give him. But if you want to know more about this name, I invite you to continue reading.

Origin of the name David

The name David comes directly from Hebrew. This name was written דָּוִד but it has evolved to this day thanks to Latin. This name began to become famous through the bible. We must remember that the king of Israel had this name, which has caused it to continue being used as a very common name in our society.

What does David mean?

David’s name means “the person chosen by the Lord.” As you can see, it is a very religious name because it appears in the bible. But this name can be given to your child without problems, since there are many people who are not religious at all and receive this name so beautiful and so common.

Meaning of David 2020
Meaning of David 2020: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Personality of the name David

David is a person who likes to go with clear things. If you think something, do not hide it. It is very important for this person to be honest and say things as they think. He is a person who wants everything to be order, although he is a lover of new experiences. He likes to innovate and evolve in life, he doesn’t like to get stuck. This means that he likes to travel and meet new people with whom to interact and enjoy life to the fullest.When it comes to betting on a future job, David loves to bet on working in the world of sales. This allows you to have contact with people directly. His goal is to succeed in life, for which he needs to be a good seller and get to evolve within the company.

Within the love life we ​​can see how David is a person of trust because he always tells the truth. He is a faithful person. Your problem is that sometimes the truth can cause problems with your partner.He is a person who loves his family very much, although as soon as he has the opportunity he wants to become independent in search of his own life. Of course, this person will not lose contact with their parents at any time, because the union is really very high. It should be noted that after having a working future, David will want to create a family with more than one son.

Famous people called David

Thanks to the fact that we speak of a very common name, we can say that there are many famous people who are called or have called David. We turn to see the most important.King David was one of the most important people in history.If you like magic, you will surely know the wizard David Copperfield. He is one of the most important magicians in history.If you like music, you’re sure to meet the current singers named David Bustamante and David Bisbal.In the field of football we have to highlight David Beckham among many other players who were also called David.


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