Meaning of Cristina: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Meaning of Cristina: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

One of the most common Spanish-speaking names is Cristina. This name has always liked and will like it since it is very fine and above all very nice. Really finding a name as beautiful as Cristina’s is not easy. In this article I show you the meaning of Cristina, so you can realize that it is a great choice to call your daughter like that.

Origin of the name Cristina

If you want to know the origin of the name Cristina, either because you call yourself that or because you want to put this name to your future daughter, you should know that it has Greek origin .If we look at its etymology, we see that the name has been an evolution of the word Christos. This word translated literally means the faithful follower of Christ.This name became very popular at the time of the religious crusades, when many important women of the time received this name.But despite being a name with a lot of history, there are still many girls, because it is a very nice name. This means that today it is still a widely used name.

What does Cristina mean?

The meaning of the word Cristina as we have seen before is “faithful follower of Christ.” It is a really very religious name, although not always the parents who give this name to their children are very religious. In many occasions it is put by the beauty of the same.

Personality of the name Cristina

Meaning of Cristina 2020
Meaning of Cristina 2020: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Cristina has a very demanding personality, but with great inner beauty. She is a very struggling woman who seeks to offer her best in order to get the job done. You can really say that she is a very demanding woman, who fights for herself and her own.Many companies hire women named Cristina, because they know they are very hardworking and until they do not get the work they have ahead of them, they don’t leave. She is a woman who knows what she has to do and how she should do it, so she doesn’t need anyone behind her telling her what and how to do it. She is a woman who is not conflictive and creates a group in the company. That is, Cristina helps make the relationship within the company very good, while being a woman who is very pleasant both inside and outside the company with her colleagues.

Of course, despite being a woman who does not rival others, her desire to move things forward can sometimes lead to the contrary.Cristina is a very nice woman. It is not difficult to fall in love with another person. Of course, before starting a serious relationship, it is usually of the girls to whom he prefers to meet the person, in order to be sure of the step he will take. She is a simple woman in the relationship. She likes to do simple things like going for a walk, going to the movies to watch a movie, riding a bike, having a drink on a terrace. Of course, the boy who tries to fall in love must be faithful and above all sincere.On a family level, Cristina is always a girl very close to her family. It is a girl that cost you a lot of changes at the family level, especially when taking the step to become independent. Of course, once that step, your mind will be thinking of having children to create your own family as soon as possible.

Famous people with the name Cristina

One of the best known singers worldwide is called Christina Aguilera. Without forgetting the well-known Christina Perri.The former infanta of Spain is called Cristina. And one of the most famous presenters in our country is called Cristina Pedroche.


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